sensual consensual

reputation is something you build for years

not sure if I want to do this under my real name

not sure if I want to do this at all

in the spirit of full transparency, sharing some notes

trusting the universe, collective consciousness, crowdsourced wisdom, higher intelligence

not promoting male escort business for now

I’m fairly intelligent.
I’m fairly good looking.
I have reputation of being unconventional

But it’s not about me, it’s about you. 

You deserve to have the time of your life. 

Target - businesswoman who does not have time for boyfriends relationships drama.

Full of insights, channels, downloads, realisations - I’m here to empower you.

Behind every visionary woman there is a visionary man.

Back in a day I was working in a bank, selling my time for money, I called myself “mental prostitute”

I was climbing 13 floors each day to avoid 9am elevator rush hour and stopping on each and every floor.

This time around I’ll also sell time and if you want to use my skills to work on the code - that’s OK too, everything in a consensual way.
- Business consulting
- Web development
- Cryptocurrency education

Visionary friends who empowered me:
- Sacred Sexual Awakeing - Shaft
- Lucinda
- Kundalini Tantric Goddess #KTG

VAT registered, I issue invoices.

So if you have a business and you spend money that belongs to the company - I’ve got you covered.

Pricing: starting from $250 per session. Crypto preferred. 

The best jokes are on the edge of being believable.

I would be grateful if some media outlet could pick up this story. And send some traffic to more reputable enterprises of mine.

Subject like sex, drugs, money and power (influence) are not a taboo for me - it’s the smalltalk that I treat as waste of time. 


+44 758 629 4279
[email protected]